Just Business – Drinks With The Boss Ebook is available!

Everyone, my new short story ebook is available for sale! In the upcoming weeks and months, I’m going to be working hard to produce my erotic ebooks into audio. I’m currently involved in narrating erotica for other authors, and when that’s out of the way, I’ll be focusing a lot more on my own work!

For now, you can get more Talula with Just Business – Drinks With The Boss ebook, available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09G3LC3FJ

From the blurb –

Marina’s job is on the line and the whole department wants her out. But a chance meeting with the head of the company gives her the opportunity to turn it all around when she realizes the instant attraction between rich, successful, and older man Ainsley can be used to get what she wants. Her only problem is she needs to broker this deal right there and then – in the middle of a public lounge where Ainsley will call the shots about what she does with her body. All she wanted was a Candy Spritz and to forget about her job stress, but she’ll just have to work overtime in this office erotica short story from Talula Rouge.

I haven’t been updating content here nearly as much as I should. That’s going to change. I’ve been working hard on developing stories and branching out, especially since the onset of COVID really shifted my burlesque life. My life is still very busy, but with a lot of things having changed, I am prioritizing my writing and my narration. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Accidental Sugar Baby: Turned Into A Sex Toy Ebook is Live on Amazon!

You can purchase a copy here: https://www.amazon.com/ACCIDENTAL-SUGAR-BABY-TURNED-INTO-ebook/dp/B08R92V6N7

This is a saucy short story to get your motor running!

Synopsis: Maddy gets caught up in being a sugar baby date when her roommate Veronica double books and looks to Maddy to take up her extra sugar daddy. Brandon is a wealthy attorney in New York who wants to adore Maddy with lingerie and turn her into an object of desire, showering her with wealth and attention. All he wants is make her happy and breed her young, fertile body. So what, Maddy thinks, if he’s taking advantage of her? She has bills to pay and he’s good looking and totally focused on providing her with money and pleasure.